Big Barrel Moki $1000

It is that time of the year again when the Moki come calling and the fisho hunters come out and chase the Moki for the night. This year Big Barrel Moki $1000 competition will kick off at 3pm 23rd November 2019 and will finish by 9am 24th November 2019.

Get your entry in quick by completing the manual entry form here or by completing the online entry here.

Fishing will be between the two markers indicated on the map below and HQ for the 23rd & 24th will be at the Ngawi Community Center.

Moki Marked Map

For all the Rules and T&C’s please see below –

Big Barrel Moki $1000 Rules of Entry

1. READ THE RULES: Before you begin fishing make sure that you are clear on all the rules – if in doubt ask the officials as no warning will be given. Any competitor who commits a breach of the rules shall be disqualified.


2.1. On Demand: Patrols will ask to see competitor’s tickets and tickets must be produced on demand. Random checks on competitors will be undertaken.

2.2. Tickets must be worn around the competitors wrist at all times during the competition hours.

2.3. One ticket = one rod or one hand line for one person, no sharing lines. One rod or hand line can be used for each ticket. Each person shall have one ticket for one hand line or rod.

2.4. Ticket Numbers are registered to each individual entrant and are not transferable once the contest has commenced. The contest will be deemed to have commenced at the start of briefing on Saturday 23rd November 2019.

2.5. Lost Ticket: Lost tickets will not be replaced without absolute proof of the identity of the ticket holder. A charge of $15 will be required for the re-issue of a lost ticket.

2.6. Refunds and Transfers: Ticket purchases are not refundable. Purchasers may request the organisers to transfer a ticket to another name provided any such requests are made in writing or email at least 7 days prior to the event. No requests for transfers will be considered at the briefing.


3.1. Competition Area: Fishing must only be carried out within the marked area. The area will extend from Whangaimoana Beach to Ngapotiki

3.2. Positions: Competitors may proceed to their positions on the beach after briefing, but cannot start fishing until 3pm 23rd November 2019. All lines must be out by 9am 24th November 2019, anyone commencing fishing before or after the times stated shall be disqualified.

3.3. Rod Holders: One rod holder per ticket.

3.4. Casting: More competent competitors may cast for others. Lines must not be taken out on surfboards, kontikis or swimming out with the line or with bait mortars or by any other method other than casting.

3.5. Tackle: Only rods and conventional hand lines will be permitted. No contestant may use more than two hooks on any line or rig.

3.6. Rubbish: Please do not leave any rubbish on the beach –take it with you and dispose of correctly.

3.7. Keep off the Dunes: Considerable effort has gone into protecting beach sand dunes. Please keep only to established access tracks. 4. WEIGH IN:

4.1. Weigh in Procedure: all fish must be weighed in during hours of 8.30am to 10am on the Sunday morning.

4.2. Weigh Station fish will only be weighed at the official weigh station situated at the tournament headquarters at Ngawi weigh station.

4.3. All competitors must be in possession of their own fish when weighing in.

4.4. All competitors are responsible for the disposal of their own fish once weighed.

4.5. In the event of a tie the fish in question will be reweighed to find a winner.

5. VEHICLES: Be careful with vehicles on the beach, quads or otherwise.

5.1. All signs and the road rules apply.

6. FISHING REGULATIONS: The MOKI $1000 is fished in accordance with the Amateur Fishing Regulations which were introduced on 14 December 1994. These regulations as they affect this tournament are as follows:

6.1. Minimum size for Blue Moki: 42cm (for this contest only) 6.2. Minimum size for Blue Cod: 35cm (for this contest only)

6.3. Minimum size for Kahawai: 45cm (for this contest only)

6.4. Maximum of 9 fish per angler, will be weighed in, comprising no more than three of each species. i.e. Blue Moki, Blue Cod & Kahawai

6.5. Only Blue Cod, Blue Moki and Kahawai will be weighed in

7. ABANDONMENT: In the unlikely event of the contest being abandoned for any reason prior to the start of the contest all contestants’ money will be refunded.

8. EMERGENCY: In any emergency dial 111 or one of the organisers by dialling the cell phone numbers printed on our flyer.

9. NO LIABILITY: The organisers accept No liability for the damage to any vehicle or property or loss of property injury or damage of whatever nature or kind to any person however caused.

10. OFFICIAL RULES: The rules printed in this guide are the official rules of the MOKI $1000 and supersede any previously published rules.

11. INSUFFICIENT Blue Moki, Blue Cod or Kahawai: Should insufficient Blue Moki, Blue Cod or Kahawai be caught during the competition, the prizes for 2nd & 3rd Blue Moki, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Blue Cod, 1st 2 nd & 3rd Kahawai, Top Lady and Top Junior will be awarded from a draw, based on the entry ticket number. The $1000 first Blue Moki prize will jackpot and be fished for in 2020.

12. ACCEPTANCE: The purchasing of a ticket in the Moki $1000 constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations of the tournament and competitors agree to abide by the decision of the organising committee.

13. DISPUTE: In the case of a dispute the decision of the committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

14. COMPLAINT: Any angler should report any breaches of the rules to an official. Remember this is your fishing competition and you can assist in ensuring that there is fair play at all times

14.1. Any competitor who wishes to lay a complaint against another competitor for breach of the rules must do so in writing to the organisers within one hour of the close of competition.

14.2. The organisers will not investigate a breach of the rules unless it is received in writing by the said time.

14.3. The organisers reserve the right to withhold prize money should there be a dispute over legality of a fish and will introduce outside parties to investigate, examine the fish and rule on its legality.

15. CONDUCT: The organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition ticket of any person or persons whose conduct, in the opinion of the organisers is contrary to the spirit in which this contest is run. The decision of the organisers in this matter is final.

16. FISHING EQUIPMENT: Anyone in possession of any fishing equipment other than rod & reel or handlines will be disqualified.


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